V2H - Vehicle to Home
HOEM V2H makes it easier than ever to
integrate your EV Battery to power
your home loads.
V2L - Vehicle to Load
HOEM V2L offers solutions for businesses to seamless integrate energy optimisation into operations
to reduce costs.
V2G - Vehicle to Grid
HOEM V2G incorporates capabilities for market participation and contribute to a more stable and reliable energy infrastructure.

Home Open Energy Manager

Maximise your power independence and minimise your electricity cost with the latest electric vehicle charging technology solution for your vehicle to power your home or business.
Integrating HOEM V2H/V2L or V2G & EVs into your home or business is a cost effective solution that offers multiple benefits.

Benefits of HOEM

HOEM empowers homeowners to take control of their energy consumption and contribute to a greener environment by seamlessly integrating electric vehicle charging with their daily lives.
  • A Bigger Home Battery: The typical electric car battery holds about 60+ kilowatt hours of electricity, which is enough to power a small home or apartment for a week.

  • Back-Up Power: HOEM V2H enables your EV's Battery to provide Back-up Power for essential services / loads to remain operational during grid outages & blackouts.

  • Peak Savings: EVs have the potential to serve as mobile energy storage for your home to utilise during peak times.

  • Cheaper Charging: Charge your car at work or shopping when there is surplus renewable energy on the grid at free or discounted pricing, then power your home.

Spa Pumps
Heating & Cooling
Swimming Pool Pumps & Filtration
Kitchen & Appliances
Garage & Workshop
Lighting Circuits
Save Money & Environment

Who We Serve:

HOEM V2L - Helping businesses drive to a cleaner, greener, Net Zero future.
  • Small Businesses: Enhance the sustainability initiatives of small businesses by providing them with efficient and cost-effective electric vehicle charging solutions tailored to their specific needs..

  • Large Companies: Support large corporations in their journey towards sustainability by integrating advanced electric vehicle charging infrastructure into their operations, reducing their carbon footprint.

  • Local Government Municipality: Collaborate with local government municipalities to build smart cities that prioritise sustainable energy practices, electric vehicle adoption, and resilient energy grids

  • Achieve Net Zero: HOEM helps achieve Net Zero by using the enormous battery potential in V2L electric vehicles and integrating into opperation.

+ Innovation

HOEM technology unlocks the power in your EV allowing you to use it to power your home.

+ Public Charge

Charge your EV when free or discounted from public, work or shopping centre charging stations. Use at home and save!

+ Peak Savings

The HOEM controller intelligently manages energy consumption, allowing homeowners to optimise usage during peak load times, reducing overall electricity costs.

+ Back-Up Power

The HOEM controller ensures a seamless integration for emergency backup power during grid outages, contributing to enhanced home resilience.

+ Off-Grid Power

With HOEM you can utilise your EV’s Battery to Power your Studio, Holiday Home, Cabin, Tiny Home Granny Flat or Shed, without the need of grid connection.

Here’s what you can accomplish when you choose
Home Open Energy Management.

Collaborative Planning
We work with you, your architect & builder on electrical system requirements.
Seamless Installation
From electrical pre-wiring to system integration our team of professionals are here to assist.
Powering your Dreams
Go beyond grid limitations. If you can drive there, HOEM can power it.
Electrical Integration
Strategic planning and design of your electrical system to insure maximum EV integration.
Stored Energy Utilisation
Unlock economic benefits of your EV fleet through grid support, renewable energy integration, and market participation.
Critical Asset Back-up
Enhancing energy security and resilience with HOEM V2L integration of critical circuits and backup loads.
More Renewables
EV battery innovation and integration is key to utilising more renewable energy and avoiding network export charges.
Operational Integration
Electrification of transport & mobility assets help lower operational costs and deliver a pathway
to a Net Zero future.
Municipality Integration
Diverse fleet integration enhances sustainability, reduces CO2 emissions and creates a cleaner, greener, urban environment.
Which EV's are Compatable with HOEM?

Comparison Table

Rating (kWh)
BYD Atto 3
BYD Dolphin
BYD Seal
Cupra Born
Ford F-150 Lightning
Genesis GV60
Hyundai Ioniq 5
Nissan Leaf ZE1
Outlander PHEV
VW ID Models

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