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HOEM V2L Commercial Applications

Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) technology is revolutionising the way we think about electric vehicles (EVs) beyond just transportation.

Integrating HOEM V2L & EVs into your opperations offers multiple benefits:
  • Emergency Power Supply: In the event of power outages or emergencies, businesses can utilise V2L capabilities to draw power from electric vehicles to support critical loads. This can be particularly beneficial for businesses that need a reliable backup power source.

  • On-Site Power for Tools and Equipment: V2L allows businesses to use the energy stored in EV batteries to power tools and equipment directly at the work site. This has advantageous for construction sites, maintenance crews, or any mobile operations.

  • Remote Operations: Businesses operating in remote locations or during outdoor events can leverage V2L to access electric power without relying on traditional generators. This contributes to a quieter, emission-free, and more sustainable work environment.

  • Achieve Net Zero: Leveraging Electric Vehicle-to-Load (V2L), Vehicle-to-Home (V2H), and Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technologies can significantly contribute to helping businesses achieve their Net Zero and ESG targets.

Respond to Energy Market Pricing
Respond to Energy Market Pricing
Use your EV's Battery to achieve Net Zero.
+ Innovation

Advanced HOEM V2L technology unlocks the power in your EV Fleet allowing you to use it to power your business.

+ Integration

Integrating electric vehicles into corporate fleets offers advantages such as reduced operating costs, government incentives, enhanced sustainability, and an improved brand image.

+ Peak Savings

The HOEM V2L controller intelligently manages energy consumption, allowing business owners to optimise usage during peak load times, delivering reduced electricity costs.

+ Back-Up Power

The HOEM V2L controller ensures a seamless integration for emergency backup power during grid outages, protecting critical loads.

+ Off-Grid Power

With HOEM V2L you can utilise your EV’s Battery to Power your SIte Office or Shed, without the need of grid connection.

Here’s what you can accomplish when you choose HOEM V2L.

Electrical Integration
Strategic planning and engineering of your electrical system to insure maximum
EV integration.
Operational Integration
Electrification of transport & mobility assets help lower operational costs and deliver a
Net Zero future.
Municipality Integration
Enhance sustainability, reduces CO2 emissions and creates a cleaner, greener, urban environment.
Critical Asset Back-up
Enhancing energy security and resilience with HOEM V2L integration of critical circuits and backup loads.
Stored Energy Utilisation
Unlock economic benefits of your EV fleet through grid support, renewable energy integration, and market participation.
More Renewables
EV battery innovation and integration is key to utilising more renewable energy and avoiding network export charges.


/The%20strategic%20integration%20of%20HOEM%20V2L%20/%20V2G %20into%20corporate%20electric%20vehicle%20fleets%20not%20only%20aligns%20with%20ESG%20sustainability%20goals%20but%20also%20serves%20as%20a%20tangible%20demonstration%20of%20a%20commitment%20to%20environmental%20responsibility.
The strategic integration of HOEM V2L / V2G  into corporate electric vehicle fleets not only aligns with ESG sustainability goals but also serves as a tangible demonstration of a commitment to environmental responsibility.

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